2019 Utah Beach results

Beach League

Thank you to all the clubs this years that made this year a historic year of beach Volleyball here in Utah.  435, Apex, Club Sand, Club V, Elevate, HIVE,High Country, ICE, CVVC, Jackson Hole, Kanab Volleyball Club,  and Salt Lake Volleyball. A special thanks to Tobin Reynolds,Colby Burleson,Bobby Boggs, Kim Norman, Kiera Powers for helping to promote and grown the game of Beach volleyball. Huge thanks to Corry Merrell and Tyler Legerski of the Sanbar. The Sandbar has allowed our kids to now train year round in the sand. Thank you for building an amazing facility!


Girls Beach Club Champions - Club Apex

Boys Beach Club Champions - Club Mojo

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12 U Girls 

State Champions

Ellen Kennedy/Regan Hodson

Madison Bouvier/Zamari Christensen

Emilie Gillberg/Savannah Bateman

12U Boys 

State Champions

Pierce Issac/ Benton Ross

Curtis Fowler/Clark Fowler

Landon Chism/Connor Burleson 

LukeHalvorsen /Sadie Halvorsen

14U Girls 

State Champions

 Avery Nevens/Greta Brown

Ashley Fannon/Katerina Mantas

Anna Barker/Mazzy Malan 

Finley Lloyd/Sophia Stouffer

14U Boys

State Champions

Tao Fano/Will Harris

Tucker McClain/Heath Brown

Torin Stewart/Meritt Shaw


16U Girls 

State Champions

 MattiePrior /Cassie Prior

Maggie Mendleson/Evalyn Chism

Vani Key/Elle Burleson

Adia Aila/Ava Issac

16U Boys

State Champions

Coleman Moea'i/Keoni Lumb

Roberto Villanueva/Don Mossman


State Champions

Breanna Miller/Elise Porter 

Rianne Brown /Shelby Fronk

Emma Martinez/Mia Graham

Morgan Tew/Lexi Latimer

High School State Championships   

1st Place - Mountain View

2nd Place - American Fork 

3rd Place - Skyridge

High School State Championships   

1st Place - Mountain View

2nd Place - American Fork 

3rd Place - Skyridge

Individual HS State Champions

Open Division

1st Mia Wesley/Zoe Perez

2nd Gracie Prestwich/Karidy Rawlings

3rd Avery Hale/Bella Nielson

3rd Licia Echevarria/Talia Patane

2019 Utah Best of the Beach

Brie Miller            Elyse Porter

Rianne Brown        Shelby Fronk

Mia graham            Emma Martinez

Morgan Tew           Lexi Latimer

Mattie Prior           Cassie Prior

Evalyn Chism          Maggie Mendleson

Vani Key                  Elle Burleson

              Ella Russell            Anna Chiasse              

 Avey Nevens           Greta Brown

Ruby Ann Stokes    Killi Rust

Ahley Fannon         Katerina Mantas 

Finley Lloyd           Sophia Stouffer

Torin Stewart        Meritt Shaw

Madison Bouvier    Zamari Christensen

Emilie Gilberg         Savannah Bateman

Ellen Kennedy        Regan Hodson 

Pierce Issac           Benton Ross

Curtis Fowler        Clark Fowler 

Landon Chism         Conner Burleson

Sadi Halvorsen      Luke Halvorsen

Toa Fano                Will Harris

Tucker McClain     Heath Brown

Coleman Moeai      Keoni Lumb

Roberto Villanueva      Don Mossman

Ryan Smith             Ryan Sidoway

                                               Mia Wesley            Zoe perez

                                            Gracie Prestwich  Karidy Rawlings

                                               Avery Hale            Bella Nielson

                                            Licia Echevarria   Talia Patane

                                         Adrianna Rosenthal  Lavenia Vance

                                          Hanna Olsen          Sophie Eubank

                                            Lily Grant              Elle McCandless

                                                     Aleigha Simeona    Lia Pili