2019 High School Beach

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Welcome to the 5th Annual Utah High School Beach

Volleyball League. All play will take place at Fluent Home Courts in Lehi or Barnes Park in Kaysville. Each team will play at least two matches per night in either Flight 1 or Flight 2. Flight one will start at 4:30pm


North league will play on Tuesday's and South League will play on Thursday's. 

Cost is $40 per player for 6 weeks of play.


This is a tri format so each team will play two different schools per night.  

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Playing Facilities

Fluent Home Courts (Aces) - Lehi

Barnes Park- Kaysville

Playing Start Dates:

April 25th - Lehi

All south teams Check in this week at 4:30 play will start at 5:00pm

Pay the day of or can pay below by hitting the blue button. 

April 30th = Barnes Park

All North teams. Check in is Tuesday at 4:30. play will start at 5:00pm

Pay the day of, or can pay below by hitting the blue button.

All players must have AAU membership.

If you do not have one please purchase for $14 at aausports.org

Cost:$40 Per Player

Pay Online or Pay first day of play

$3 Service fee to pay online 

Beach Rules

Uniforms: Bikini's are not Allowed. We follow the NCAA and USA Volleyball model were players are playing in Tank Tops, Racer Back tops, Tshirts and Spandex/shorts. 

Points of Emphasis

Can Not Set the Serve

No Open Hand Tips

Can not use hands on defense except for hard driven attacks.

Setting over the net attacker must be square.

Block counts as first contact

Each Team gets one 1 min Timeout

Technical Timeout is always taken when the combined score reaches 21.

Switch sides on multiples of 7

Players are encouraged to use their hands to set,  If set comes out ugly call it!