Beach Event Info

6th Annual 

Utah Beach State Championships

    Event Details 

      Friday July 31st 14U & 18U

         Start Time: TBD

Location: The SandBar


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Saturday August 1st  16U & 12U

Start Time: TBD

Location: Salt Lake Sand








Welcome to the 6th Annual Utah Beach State Championships

Our goal is first to make sure everyone is safe.

Covid - Guidlines 

Sand is perfect for social distancing as we can spread out.

Spectators will be asked to set up in multiple areas.  No more than 2 spectators per team. Local teams are being asked to not bring siblings.

Hand Sanitation required after and before every match.

Balls net will be sanitized often.

No high 5's, no physical contact. 

On side changes players go around the poles. Players can still say great job to the other team.

All players must be temp checked and fill out Covid form before play. 

Players should report directly to their court.

When team has completed all competition, team and family should leave immediately. 

If sick please stay home.

Tournament Guidelines 

Check in then report to court.

All courts will be marked with court numbers.

Covid Forms will be located on your court to fill out 

Staff member will come over and officially start your court. 

No Bikini tops/bottoms are allowed. Tops with multiple straps are allowed.  Tournament staff will have final say.  Spandex/Lulu Lemon type shorts are encouraged.  Boys must play in shirts/tanks. These rules are set by our national governing body of sport to protect young men and women. These are National rules and followed by all professional youth organizations.

Parents please watch your kids. Please do not have them play in the sand. No sand should be taken from the courts. 

No food is allowed in the sand.

Players must be focused when officiating.  No friends, no phones. Parents must refrain from coaching. Please no giving directions during play. Please cheer and don't coach.

Officials must call the fault. Teams may not call faults. Officials should watch for coaching.

Coaching may be done before play, after play and during timeouts.


Pool Play  - All games are 2 sets, no third game in Pool unless told by staff.

Pools of 3 or 4. A pool of five would be played on two courts. 

All teams go to bracket play

Bracket play will be best 2/3 third game to 15 for first match. Matches after will be determined by tournament staff.  (2/15/11) (1 -25, 1-28)

Single Elimination.



Play two sets to 21, switch on multiples of 7, Game 3 switch on multiples of 5.

One time out(30 sec), One technical timeout (30 secs) when score reaches a combined 21.  Must take!

Warm up time is 4 min combined for both teams. Ref team is in charge. 

No coaches or parents can be on the court but can help shag balls.

No open hand tips.

When setting over(front/back)player  must be squared to ball.

Hands should be closed to receive ball unless perfectly clean ball.

Players can take ball with their hands on defense on hard driven balls only(no fingerprint).

Block counts as a touch. 

Play the court as it shows. If line gets moved in your court might be bigger of smaller for a play. Players must make sure lines are straight!

Questions on any rules please talk with a Court Monitor.


Questions Contact us


801 706 9500