2019 Utah Beach

Adult State Championships

     Event has been Postponed 

Event Info for Sept 7th and 8th 2019


Cost:   $35 Per Player before August 27th

            $40 Per Player  August 27th - Sept 3rd

            $45 Per Player Late Registration Sept 4th - Sept 5th

            No Registrations Taken after Sept 5th

            This registration system is set up to only register                                one team member, both team members must sign up                         separately.

Playing Locations: 

The Sandbar - Men's Open, Men's B, Women's B

Nine Beautiful indoor/outdoor courts. Men's Open will play outdoor. All B Teams will play on indoor courts. Start Times will be staggered.  Women will Start first Men will check in at 12:30 and play soon after. This might change.

Fluent Home Courts (Lehi) - Women's Open and Women's A

These 6 courts are a hidden gem in Lehi.  Professionally built by one of Utah's very own. The sand is deep and the views are spectacular.  Lots of room for spectators and tents.  Music, water and facilities located on property. 

University of Utah - Men's A 

4 courts located on the University Campus. These NCAA regulation courts are beautiful and the sand is amazing. 

Liberty Park (Salt Lake)- Men's A

Liberty Park will be used in case of overflow. These 3 courts were used by the AVP for two seasons. The sand is great and is the same sand at both Fluent and the U of U. 

Check in Starts 7:45am 

Players Meeting 8:15am

Play starts at 8:30am


Saturday Pool Play - FIVB Format 

                                       Full Match Play

                                       Cross Over for 2nd and 3rd Place teams

                                       All teams go to bracket play. 

                                       1st Two rounds of Bracket Played on Sat

                                       All teams will play at least 4 matches.

Sunday Format

                                      All winners will play at The Sandbar for                                                               championship Sunday.  The goal is to make this a                                              fun day of celebrating the top teams in Utah.                                                       Everyone will play two matches. 

                                      Professional and Collegiate Beach officials will be                                               officiating the finals

Awards:                        Championship awards and cash prizes will be given                                          to the winners. Amount TBD.

          USA Beach Open National Championships  - Sept 28th and 29th

   We would like to send Utah teams to represent Utah at this great event.


Points of Emphasis 

What to Bring:

Sun Screen

Sun Glasses

Sand socks if you have them.

Water, Water and Water

Weather Forecast: To be Updated



Pool Play  - Best 2/3 to 212 no Cap 3rd to 15

Bracket Play - Full Match play to 21 3rd to 15. 

Switch Sides on multiples of 7. 

Never a cap in any matches.

Technical timeout when the combined score reaches 21.  No tech timeout in game 3. 

Please no long Warm ups. 


Coaching is only legal during timeouts.

Walk and Talk is legal at this event, but it should not interfere with the normal flow of the match.

Coaches can not warm up their teams this must be player initiated

Coaches should be seated away from the court.

Coaches can suggest a timeout for their team but can not call it. 

Coaches are not allowed in the ref box.

Parents can not give instructions during play.

Cheer and have fun watching your daughters or sons play. . 


Team may not have cell phones while officiating and should be focused on the game.

Scores should be properly reported.

Warm up time is 4 min and starts and the conclusion of the previous match.

Technical Timeouts will be 1 min pool play and 1 min for bracket play. Ref team must keep time and teams should not take more than 1 min or sanctions will be given(yellow cards). 2 Yellow cards = 1 Red and a point is awarded to the other team.

Please be aware that photos will be taken and can be posted on both local and national websites. By attending this event to agree  to have these photos published. Photos will not be taken of your by request. Please contact staff if this is your request. All photos posted and submitted to National organizations will be classy and appropriate.

Please sign and bring liability form with you to check in.

Questions let me know 801 706 9500


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