2020 Utah Beach Volleyball

Utah High School Beach 

Outdoor Beach Schedule 

Date          Organization         Event Name                City              National Qualifier

May 9th          P1440 Rise                 St George Open              St George, Utah                   YES

June 6th      USA Volleyball       USA National Beach Tour          Salt Lake, Utah                    YES

June 13th      P1440 RISE Utah High School Beach Championships          Davis/Salt Lake/Provo       YES

                                       Ed Lunnen Memorial Event to Fight Against Cancer

June 19th &20th            AAU                    Shoot to Thrill          Salt Lake Sand Event                 NO

June 26th & 27th         AAU                     Monster Spikes         Salt Lake Sand Event                 NO

July 11th                     AAU                    Park City Open                  Park City, Utah                   YES

July 24th & 25th        AAU                   24th Smash Tournament   Salt Lake Sand Event         NO      

July 31st & August 1st              USA Volleyball   Utah Beach State Championships   Salt Lake/Provo      NO                                               This event is Hosted by UTAH Beach & Salt Lake Sand


Utah Beach Club Challenge 

                      June 10th

                       July 1st 

                      July 22nd

Utah Beach

A decade of Champions 

Event Details

May 9th 

6th Annual St George Open

Location: Little Valley Sand Courts

Venue: 4 Professional Courts

Located 5 Min from downtown


Qualifying Event for AAU and ROX National Championships 

The Beach season officially kicks off with the return to Red Rock Country. This event will feature the top teams from Salt Lake, St George, Arizona and Las Vegas. This is one of two qualifying events for P1440 and The ROX National Championships. 

Utah/National Ranking points will be awarded. 

May 9th- Grass

Red Rock Invitational

Location:Little Valley

Located 5 Min from downtown


Qualifying Event:

Utah/National Ranking Event

The grass season officially kicks offs with this adult and Youth AVP America event. State/National points will be awarded.

Adult Qualifier for Mother Lode Volleyball Festival in Aspen, Colorado Labor day weekend.

June 5th/6th 

USA Volleyball National Qualifier

Location: The Sanbar

Venue: 4 Professional Courts

Located 5 Min from downtown


Qualifying Event:

Utah/National Ranking Event

Back by popular demand. The USA Beach Tour stop comes to Utah. This is your chance to qualify for the granddaddy of all beach volleyball tournaments. Utah teams that qualify, will head to  where Beach Volleyball began, on the beaches of Manhattan Beach, California. This gold event will be the best event of the year.

USA volleyball knows how to take care of it's athletes and runs an amazing event.

June 12th/13th 


ED Lunnen Memorial

      Spike against Cancer

Location: The Sandbar

USA Nationals held at Manhattan Beach, Ca

Venue: 9 Professional Courts

Located 5 Min from downtown


Qualifying Event:

USA Volleyball Nationals

Utah/National Ranking Event

Ed Lunnen was a former player of mine. Ed spent much of his life playing volleyball and chasing his dreams on the beaches of California.  Ed was the hilarious, hard working, passionate about volleyball and a friend to all.  His life was taken way to early due to Colon Cancer. This event is dedicated to Ed. Prior to this event athletes are asked to find donations of any amount. All donations will be donated directly to the Huntsman Cancer Institute.  Special prizes will be awarded to the athlete who brings in the most money to donate to Cancer Research.

June 26th/27th

Salt Lake Event

Location: The Sportsmall

July 11th

7th Annual Park City Open

Location: City Park

Venue: 4 Professional Courts

Located: In the Heart of Park City


Qualifying Event:

AVP America

Utah/National Ranking Event

Escape the summer heat of Salt Lake and join us for The Sixth Annual Park City Open sponsored by SKULL CANDY. Register early this event has sold out the past 5 years.  Each division is open to 12 teams only. 

July 6th, 7th and 8th

P1440 Rise Nationals

Location: Santa Monica

Venue: Beach

Located: Huntington Beach

Cost:$100 per Player

Qualifying May 11th or June 1st


Ranking:  5 Star Gold Event


              Last year was the first year of this event and 3x Olympian Keri Walsh did not disappoint. This was an amazing event!! Professional officials anduniforms were provided for all teams.  2020 is going to be fabulous 

The cons: You have to qualify and not as many events in 2020 to qualify at. 


July 9th - 13th

AAU Nationals 

Location: Hermosa Beach

Venue: Beach

Located: City of Hermosa

Cost:$80 per Player

No Qualifying necessary

Ranking: 3.0 Star Event

AAU has moved this event back to Hermosa which is a huge pro. Event was better last year with more teams. .

This event is more popular and more affordable than the West Coast championships held in Santa Monica

Pros: No Qualifying

         Good event staff

         Great beach, deep sand.

The cons: Lots of sitting around not a lot of play. Format is confusing.

Few College coaches

Play is only to 21 or 28. AAU uses the same T-shirts as Indoor Nationals.  

July 14th - 18th

BVCA Club Championships 

Location: Hermosa Beach

Venue: Beach

Located: City of Hermosa

Cost:$250 Per Team

No Qualifying necessary

Ranking:  4 Star Event

This is a club event.

Pros: No Qualifying, but must Register Early

         Great event staff

         Great beach, deep sand.

         JVA Event

         Lots of College coaches

         Great level of play.

The cons:  Entry Fee

For out of state teams matches might not be what you are looking for.  You must have a good team to make this event worth it

July 18th - 23rd

         USA Volleyball

National Championships

Location: Manhattan Beach

Venue: Beach

Located: City of Manhattan

Cost:$128 per Team

Must Qualify at regional event. 

Ranking:  5 Star Gold Event


  This event has moved to the West Coast.

          It's ran by USA Volleyball. The                       National governing body of volleyball           in the United States.                                       Professional Officials

         Great event staff

         Great beach, This is the History of                 Beach Volleyball where all the legends           played this great game.

         Lots of College coaches

         USA Pipeline to the Olympics and                 A1 and A2 teams

         High level of play.

         Match Play

         Professional attire. This organization               protects young ladies and men by                 enforcing professional uniform rules               and standards. 

The cons: You have to qualify. 

July 23rd - July 28th

         AVP America

National Championships

Location: Hermosa Beach

Venue: Beach

Located: City of Hermosa

Cost: ??

Must Qualify at Zonal event or get enough points at local events.

Ranking:  4 Star Gold Event


Play next to the pros.

Great competition 

College Coaches

Professional event staff. 

The cons:

You have to qualify in Denver or obtain enough points through local events. 

Play Two Championships Events for $50.

                         Win both events and receive a Special Award

July 30th- Grass

Utah State Grass Championships

Location: TBD

Located 15 Minutes from Downtown



Utah/National Ranking Event

The First AVP America  Utah Grass Championships will be held at the Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center.  Come enjoy a first class Olympic pool area when your not playing, music, food, enjoy a great day of volleyball action. 

Qualifier for Mother Lode Volleyball Festival in Aspen, Colorado Labor day Weekend

August 1st

The 7th Annual

Utah Beach Championships

@ The Sandbar

Location: The Sandbar

Venue: 9 Court Indoor/Outdoor

Located: North Salt Lake

Cost:$30  per player

The 6th Annual Utah Beach State championships sponsored by USA Volleyball, will feature the top athletes from around the State competing for their name to be put on the CUP and go down in Utah Beach Volleyball History. Winners will be invited to the Utah volleyball Championship  party held in November. Winners will also be invited to the USA/Utah High Performance Beach camp with a chance to represent Utah and the USA in the Spring. 

Qualifier for Mother Lode Volleyball Festival in Aspen, Colorado Labor day Weekend

Ranking: 5 Star Event


Three Time Olympian Keri Walsh brings her P1440 platform to the youth. I am so excited for this event. As an Olympian her and her staff know how to take care of athletes and teach them it's more about just volleyball. 

Membership is free for 2019, each athlete will be getting two uniforms and matches will be streamed. Come be treated like a pro whether you are a player or a parent. Click on the Rise Button up top for more info on this amazing event. 

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